Singapore Day is an annual event organised for Singaporeans living abroad.

Held each year in a major city with a significant number of Singaporeans, this day-long event reunites Singaporeans and provides an occasion for them to strengthen bonds, to relive their fond memories of home and to connect with the latest economic, social and cultural developments in Singapore.

Through Singapore Day, we hope that our overseas Singaporeans will be inspired to explore the part they can play in building Singapore’s future.

The inaugural Singapore Day took place in 2007 in New York City, USA, and has also been held in San Francisco, Australia (Melbourne and Sydney), UK (London) and China (Shanghai).

Singapore Day is organised by the Overseas Singaporean Unit in the Resilience and Engagement Division, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY), in partnership with organisations in the people and private sector.

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Past Singapore Days

  • 2018 - London

  • 2017 - Melbourne

  • 2016 - San Francisco

  • 2015 - Shanghai

  • 2014 - London

  • 2013 - Sydney

  • 2012 - New York

  • 2011 - Shanghai

  • 2009 - London

  • 2008 - Melbourne

  • 2007 - New York